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Aery Jo

Aery Jo - tanning powder

Aery Jo - tanning powder

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Aery Jo tanning powder enhances  a three-dimensional look of your tan. Using a blend pearl powder, it boosts the natural radiance of the skin while evening out complexion and adding a beautiful shimmer finish. Apply this lightweight, silky powder evenly on the skin to achieve a desired look.

#1 Hawaiian Tan - use this shade if you wish to achieve a matt dark bronze look
#2 Bronzing Tan - use this shade if you wish to achieve a sparkling look and to match the sparkles from Aery Jo tanning cream #2 - Topaz Samba and #3 - Garnet Stone.

How to use:
1. Squeeze the desired amount of liquid foundation (Aery Jo Tanning Makeup) onto your skin and spread it evenly using a rubber glove.
2. After achieving desired tan with Aery Jo tanning makeup, apply Aery Jo tanning powder evenly for a boost of radiance.
3. If some of the tanning makeup is removed or stained due to sweating or touching, use a cosmetic puff to absorb sweat and apply tanning powder with the brush or sponge to correct the spot and blend into a natural tone.
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